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Welcome to Boise!  As real estate investment advisors, we’ve helped over 600 clients build investment portfolios for financial freedom, so they can build a secure retirement and spend more time with their families. As seasoned real estate investors ourselves, we practice what we preach.  We believe real estate is the wisest way to build a wealth and retirement portfolio over time. Whether you’ve been investing for years or are novice, we will share with you everything we know about real estate investing in Boise.

Why invest in Boise?  Why not invest in Boise?  According to Ada County Realtors Association, Boise is expected to double in size between 2016-2026, and we are well off to the races!  Our secret treasure we’ve loved so long is no longer a secret! It’s growing fast, so investing in Boise is truly investing in a new future for us.  We’ve been listed by everyone from Forbes to US News to USA Today to Men’s Health to Business Insider as best places to live, best places to raise a family, best places to start a career, healthiest cities, best places to invest, best place for young professionals, safest cities, and even best hipster cities.

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Investor Education

That being said, as any seasoned investor knows, not all homes in an emerging market are created equal – in terms of location, cash flow, return on investment, rent potential, construction quality, deferred maintenance, or appreciation.  

We support our clients with detailed breakdowns and education for each property they consider for:

  • Cash flow (Cash ROI)
  • Return on Investment (ROI
  • Cap Rate 
  • Cash on Cash
  • Appreciation potential
  • Neighborhood education
  • Potential maintenance issues
  • Rents
  • Property management  
  • Personalized tours of Boise for out-of-town investors

Impact Investing

Impact investing is an exciting and rapidly growing field powered by investors who are committed to generating positive social, community and environmental impact as well as solid financial returns to grow their wealth. This is taking place all over the world, and across all asset classes.

When it comes to protecting your assets, homebuyers – and real estate investors –  can pay now or pay later. Most investors prefer to pay later, which means investing in a slightly more affordable home, often new construction, which is rentable and makes a great investment. Make no mistake, we have helped investors for over a decade build portfolios that build their wealth and create secure retirements with code built homes.  It’s one option.

But the truth is, given current building code requirements, homes are not built to last in the Treasure Valley.  Almost all are built with the most affordable building materials for the builder – cottage lap siding, which requires repainting every 3-5 years plus replacing rotted siding periodically; HVAC system which requires new filters every 3 months, standard water heaters which need to be replaced every 8-12 years, flooring and countertops that were never built to last, etc. and then dressed with fancy “lipstick”.    We then ask our tenants to breathe the toxic fumes that off-gas from carpets and pads, cabinetry and countertops, high VOC paint, etc. Code built homes also have such low insulation that energy leaks out of every pore – costs we pass on to our tenants.

These homes may look pretty, but they require a lot of maintenance, which comes out of your bottom line at least 3-5% every year to be exact.

Investing in a High Performance Home

But there is a new model – investing in a Flynner High Performance home.  You may pay a little more  now, but you get what you pay for!  Your slightly higher cost will be more than offset in the long-run.

When you invest in a Flynner Home, your investment is:

  • Built to last with durable materials that require less maintenance
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Constructed with healthy, low VOC materials that support human health
  • Comfort Guarantee
  • Healthy air
  • Uses less non-renewable resources
  • Is solar and off-grid ready
  • Is creating a different model for Boise and for future generations

Advantages of Investing in a High Performance Home

  • Lower energy costs for tenants and healthy homes means you can charge higher rents
  • Attract the kinds of tenants who are heart-centered and sustainability  and more likely to be responsible with your investment property
  • Increased durability means you save thousands of dollars over the years in deferred maintenance costs
  • Flynner High Performance homes are built to last by a multiple award winning builder you can trust