High Performance Homes

What is a High Performance Home?

A high performance home is a home that sets a higher bar for quality, comfort, durability, indoor air quality, healthy materials and energy efficiency.  

At Heart in Home, we believe that the best way to live in our values is to consider what goes into the home we choose to make our nest as much as the other factors we consider.  Because when it comes to homes, everything from the design details to the choice of materials and the installation methods matters

That’s why we are so honored to represent Flynner Homes

which has truly set the bar above in Boise for high performance, healthy homes.  

Built to last:  Your home is only as strong and protected from the elements over time as the durability of the materials that go into it.  Flynner Homes are built to ensure the envelope (the exterior parts of your house that come into contact with the natural environment) of your house as energy efficient and air-tight as possible.

Energy efficient equipment and appliances – to minimize your utility bills and maximize your comfort and health.

Saves you money over time – The cost difference of “high-performance” ranges between 1% and 2% over a standard built home has a return on investment (ROI) upwards of 25% with a pay-back period of 3.9 years.

Are healthy homes built with Low VOC and nontoxic materials.

Have Fresh Air – We spend 90% of our lives indoors, and the EPA has reported that indoor air quality is poorer than outdoor air. Flynner Homes brings brings  fresh outdoor air inside with an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) – the healthiest item you can put in your home. The ERV conditions and filters the incoming air-supplying your family with healthy indoor air 24/7.  

Now introducing .. The Stella Soleil

Heart in Home has partnered with Flynner Homes to create something totally new in Boise!

Gorgeous Healthy, High Performance Homes by the same builder who won the Boise Mayor’s Excellence Award for his million dollar High Performance Homes.  

Stella Soleil Highlights

With quality energy efficient, healthy, low VOC construction, gorgeous appliances and radiant heated floors, you won’t find a home like this anywhere in Boise unless it was built by Flynner Homes!  

  • Built from Insulated Concrete Foundation (ICF) – meaning your home is fireproof and bulletproof!
  • Increased durability – From materials that are built to last  
  • James Hardie board siding – 30 year guarantee
  • Solar thermal hot water tubes on the roof – for heating your home, instant hot water, and luxuriously warm radiant floors!
  • 9 ‘ ceilings
  • Tankless hot water heater
  • 98+% Electric Furnaces
  • Pella windows
  • Built with non-toxic, healthy materials
  • Comfort Guarantee
  • LED disc can lighting
  • Solar thermal hot water sink to heat a hot tub (not included) – so you can heat your tub partially or completely from the sun, depending on the season, and deduct your tub from your taxes!
  • Beautiful backyards
  • 2 car garage
  • Storage
  • Expected HERS rating in the high 40’s (60% more efficient than a standard code-built home)
  • Off-grid convertible
  • No HOA
  • Built by the Winner of 2014 Boise Mayor’s Building Excellence Award,
    • 2010 City of Boise Enviro-Guard Award,,
    • 2012 Energy Value Housing Award (EVHA) (National award from the EPA and U.S. Dept of Energy)
    • 2009 Parade of Homes, Idaho Power Energy Efficiency Award
    • and a 2010, 2011, 2012 St Jude Dream Home Builder
  • Wired for solar