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Why Boise?

Why Boise?  According to Ada County Realtors Association, Boise is expected to double in size between 2016-2026, and we are well off to the races!  Our secret treasure we’ve loved so long is no longer a secret! We’re growing fast, so investing in Boise is truly investing in a new future for us.  We’ve been listed by everyone from Forbes to US News to USA Today to Men’s Health to Business Insider as best places to live, best places to raise a family, best places to start a career, healthiest cities, best places to invest, best place for young professionals, safest cities, and even best hipster cities.

Mickey Is A Very Passionate Agent And Takes Good Care Of His Clients. I Have Worked With Him For Several Years And He Has Always Taken Good Care Of His Clients! Highly Recommend Anyone To Use Mickey!

Katie B.

Boise, ID

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